<@>The Privacy Policy of the Copastur – Viagens e Turismo Ltda. website was created to reaffirm our commitment with the privacy and the safety of the information we have collected from the user who have accessed our website. Read carefully the information presented here. They indicate how their personal data is collected, used and protected at the Copastur website. Providing personal information or accessing the website, you will be automaticaly agreeing with the rules of using, protection and safety established on this statement.

The present policy covers the treatment Copastur gives to the information capable of identifying the users, not only the directly collected at your website, but also the ones saved in your electronic database based on other ways of collecting, such as subscriptions filling or consultations to the service of costumer support.

This policy does no apply to the companies in which Copastur does not take part in or control as a society, nor the individuals who are not Copastur collaborators or hired by the company. The website will be able to provide access to links to other external pages and these have contents and privacy policy that are not responsibility of Copastur. That way, we recommend that the users always consult the respective privacy policies before providing their data or information, when they are redirected to external websites.

For this policy, the following considerations must be observed:

1) Copastur collects personal information, capable of identifying the users, when they: (i) subscribe in our website in order to receive the newsletter of Copastur; (ii) ask for a reservation; (iii) fill in any information form; and (iv) participate in our discounts.

2) For each one of the data collection modalities, there can be asked different kinds os information according to their purpose. That way, the users will always be informed of the data the is being collected, making the users choose or not provide them.

3) Copastur also automatically gets and saves, by cookies, information in their servers about activities that come from the user browser, including the IP address and the page that were accessed. The registrations of the events and activities at the Copastur website (logs) will be used just for statistical purposes and metrics of the delivered services. However, Copastur reserve itself the right not to use such registrations, in an individualized way, in case there is a judicial order in that sense or the occurring of events that demand such measures, including, but not limiting themselves to investigations Copastur promotes trying to elucidate cases of evidence of authourship or access, hackers attacks, unauthorized alterations in the systems, providing elements of proof in judicial proceedings, etc.

4) All the information cellected from the users transit in a safe way, using process of Internet standard encryption.

05) Any information provided by the users will be collected and saved according to the most strict patterns of safety and reliability. We will pull out all the stops to maintain the integrity of the information that can be provided to us.

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06) All the personal data collected will be incorporated to the Copastur data bank, which is responsible for the keeping and saving safely.

07) Copastur uses the collected information for the following general purposes: (i) informing about new products of the company; (ii) mantaining the users’ subscriptions updated for purposes of phone contact, by electronic mail, direct mailing, SMS or other kinds of communication; (iii) improving the usability and the interactive experience during the website browsing by the user; (iv) creating general statistics, without users’ identification; (v) answering users’ questions and requests; (vi) making communication campaigns and relationship marketing, as well as advertising special offers of partners; and (vii) communicating with users, in order to give them information about the company.

08) The access to the collected information is restricted to the collaborators of Copastur and people authorized by the company. The ones who come to use such information without authorization, breaking our Privacy Policy, will be subjetcs to our penalties predicted in our disciplinary process, without exclusion of the other legal pertinent measures.

09) Unless by legal or judicial determination, the information of the users subscribed at this website ( will not be transferred to third parties or used for different purposes than the ones they were collected by Copastur.

10) The user assure the truth and the precision of the personal data provided on this website, for which they assume the corresponding responsibility. Copastur does not take any responsibility in the case of the inaccuracy of the personal data introduced by the user at this website.

11) By knowing some promotion created by Copastur, consult the website to check the veracity of such thing. In case the information is wrong, do not consider it.

Some browsers have offered their users antispam tools to avoid unwanted e-mails. Those tools work as blockers of e-mails unauthorized by the user. If you have on your computer some antispam tool activated, we may not receive the promotional e-mails from Copastur. To avoid this problem, add the domain as authorized by your browser. Just like that you will be able to normally receive our e-mails. If you need more information, contact your browser.

This Privacy Policy is subject to constant improvements and boosts. That way, we recommend your periodic consultation.

In case Copastur, at any moment, promotes substantial change in the way of using the personal information collected, the new conditions of information privacy and safety we be informed: (i) to the general public, via announcement highlighted in our main web page; and (ii) to the subscribed users, by electronic communication.

If you have questions or suggetions, please, send an e-mail to: The present Privacy Policy is ruled by the legislation of República Federativa do Brasil. Its text must be interpreted in Portuguese from Brazil. The users of the Copastur website are submitted to the Foro Central da Comarca da Capital do Estado de São Paulo.

For purposes of this policy, the following concepts must be considered:

Antivirus: program or software specifically developed to detect, cancel and eliminate computer virus.

Cookies: they are small text files, which stay saved on your computer, kept in the memory. They are used to solve information of your browsing, and identify it when accessing again the Copastur website. They allow Copastur to obtain a customized identification of its users, solely associate themselves as an anonymous user on your computer. Copastur does not wish, nor intends to invade your privacy during your visit to the website.

IP Address:this address is a specific number for each computer connected to the Internet. It has an order of 4 numbers that vary from 0 to 255 separated by ‘.’. For example:

Social Engineering: method of attack where a person uses persuasion, many times abusing the naivety or trust of the user, to obtain information that can be used to have unauthorized access to computers or information.

E-Mail: tool of electronic transmission of message, also known as electronic mail.

Internet: worldwide web of interconnected tools. It has many smaller nets that connect themselves for a common set of protocols.

Password:sets of characters, only known by the user, used during the process of verification of their identity, assuring they are who they really say they are.

SPAM: term used to reder to unwanted e-mails, which are generally sent to a large amount of people.

User: it is every person who has any kind of access to the Copastur website or who subscribe themselves.

Virus: virus is a program capable of infecting other programs and files of a computer. To infecct, the virus puts a copy of itself in a program or file, which, when executed, also makes the virus work, continuing the process of infection.

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