System of Quality Management

Our clients’ satisfaction and the evolution of our processes and services are our daily challanges, in order to reach them the System of Quality Management Copastur Trips and Tourism tries to assure the conformity of our processes through the strategical management of people, processes and resources. In our facilities Quality is a goal to be reached and chased in everything we do.

Our System of Quality Management, since 2007, is certified in the norm ISO 9001:2008

In order to the good functioning of SGQ, we depend on all the sector and all the teams. We value the improvement of our collaborators and the improvement of our activities. We promote improvements in the workplace and the satisfaction of the organizational situation, that way we can obtain our clients’ satisfaction offering a quality service that fulfill our client’s requirements and expectations.

Quality Goals

  • 1. Clients’ Satisfaction
  • 2. Collaborators Performance

Besides other tools used as monitoring of the organizational situation, management evaluation, training satisfaction, training efficiency, communication satisfaction research.

Sistema de gestão ambiental

We have adopted the best environmental practices and follow all the applicable legislations to our activities and services, from the consumption of natural resources to the creation of wastes. We promote awareness and motivate our collaborators to adopt inside and out of the company attitudes that benefit the environment and minimize the negative environmental damages to our planet.

Our Environmental Management System, certified on the norm ISO 14001:2004 looks for a better world not only in the future, but also in the present.

We believe the environmental awareness has a definite role in the citizenship construction, that way we see ourselves as multipliers responsible for providing our collaborators and partners information that help the increase in the environmental education. Therefore our SGA looks for the balance between men, company and the environment.

Environmental Goals

  • 1. Reduction of Electric Energy Consumption
  • 2. Reduction of Paper Consumption
  • 3. Segregation, measuring and correct direction of solid wastes according to the National Policy of Solid Wastes, law number 12.305 , August second, 2010.

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